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The World Is Over, but We're Still Here

After the End is a new type of Plot Point Campaign that seeks to create engaging adventures in a defined but not completely explored world. This campaign consists of a series of interconnected One Sheets as well as a simple one page campaign tracker that allows groups to explore a fantasy world that has already come to an end.

The Last War saw the Chosen "Heroes" battle with the forces of the Demon Lord, and the actions taken to win the war ultimately brought about its end. Take on the role of haggard survivors just looking to get by and carve out a place to grow old and die in. A floating city that's swarming with mindless flesh-ripping monstrosities is slowly heading towards ground level, a mysterious plague ravages loved ones, leftover fortifications and traps litter the countryside, and the very act of casting or recieving healing magic warps one into a horrific monstrosity.

After the End consists of 11 One Sheets that connect to one another in obvious and subtle ways, allowing for them to be played in any order with connections made and knowledge learned in previous adventures connecting to what comes next. Claim an engraved blade from an adventurer-turned-monsrosity only to deliver it to his mentor, discover powerful banishing magics in a haunted city that can help you purify the well of a small settlement, and follow the trail of unique bronzed undead created by a powerful lich.


Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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