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Keep What You Kill

Have you ever wanted to bring Monster Hunter mechanics into your game that allow your players to craft arms and armor out of the rare dangers they defeat? Have you ever thought "Gee, Tool Proficiencies are pretty poorly developed. WotC didn't really think these through at all, huh?" So have we.

Monstercraft is a new 5e product that seeks to capture the feel of creature-crafting games and make Tool Proficencies worth something. By utilizing a new, simple system that easily allows DMs of any skill level to enable players to craft unique and dynamic equipment without having to get bogged down in incredibly complex tables, supply tracking, and charts for every single monster in the game. Utilize a wide variety of Tool Proficiencies, not just the ones you'd expect, and take your Monster Hunter-styled games to the next level!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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