BPB Games

A Deck of 53 Original, Non-Appropriative Monsters Ready to Play in the Monster of the Week TTRPG
A Lasers and Feelings "partial" hack that makes fun of Isekai Power Fantasies and Edgelord Behavior
Role Playing
Burn bright, improve yourself, and be reborn in flame with this new class for the Slayers RPG.
Make Investments or Split Push With These Two New Classes for Slayers!
Take on the role of a survivor in a fantasy world that's come to an end. How will you find your place to die?
A massive collection of new Arcane Backgrounds, Powers, Modifiers and Edges for the Savage Worlds TTRPG
Stop your kaiju-sized friend from panicking and save them AND the city!
A short, licensed, introductory adventure to Ryuutama by BPB Games.
Have you ever wanted to use that gelatinous cube to make a potion? What about an ankheg shield? You can do that now.
Reclaim your stolen destiny in this cyberpunk/vaporwave tokusatsu trilogy!
A science-fantasy setting that focuses on turning the concept of streaming into absurd adventures!
A collection of BPB Games' 5e designs. Dozens of archetypes, long and short adventures, magic items, and more!
D&D's travel rules are terrible. These aren't. The journey should matter, and it does now.
Like the famous monster capturing and raising shows, except on a very strict time limit.
Take on the role of brand new mahou and stop the evil Empress Grenadier in this four part adventure!
High quality tokens for your virtual Savage Tokusatsu games!
Transform into mahou, stop giant lizards, and kick space witches in the head!